Bruno Benabar’s album “Indocile Heureux” that I produced 10 out of 12 songs on went straight to number one in it’s first week. Completely unexpected for all of us that worked on it! There wasn’t a huge amount of marketing, and I believe it’s the first time it has happened for Bruno in 9 albums. It’s certainly the first time for me as a producer, even in the top 10! Not sure how this came to be… but there is something great about the fact that the wonderful team that A&R Bertrand Lamblot put together only focused on making the songs as good as possible, and making the record as coherent as we could with Bruno’s personality, artistic and otherwise. It’s not easy to grow old in this business, and for a singer born in 1969 to have a #1 record in 2021 is a good thing for everyone!