Tété 2016

Posted on 20/09/2016

I’m happy to have once again participated in a Tété album. I think he’s had a remarkably high standard over the past 15 years, and manages to navigate these changing times for artists very well. This year’s album is a pretty intimate deal; hardly any drums or bass. I think it suits his voice and songs well, have a listen here:

Caffeinated Keyboardist

Posted on 12/09/2016

How about a roundtable of Larry Goldings, Steve Porcaro, Money Mark and Jeff Babko? Spending a few hours exchanging stories from their incredible, history-making careers and discussing everything from equipment to intellectuel property rights? It’s right here: Caffeinated Keyboardist. There are also many other great episodes on this podcast run by Jeff Babko. Love this stuff.



Posted on 14/06/2016

Sometimes a project comes along, and it just seems so original and innovative, and yet so perfectly mature and obvious. Delgres, the brilliant trio of Pascal Danaé, Baptiste Brondy and Rafgee, is definitely in this category. I’m blown away by this – the sound is original, the musicianship is of the highest level, the energy is explosive yet there is a lot of profound emotion throughout their songs.

The concept is an exploration of the influence of slaves from Guadeloupe fleeing to Louisiana in America in the 19th century, whose music became one of the key ingredients in the creation of blues and jazz.