Posted on 24/08/2017

Anyone interested in music produced in France over the past 50 years should have a deep look into the work of producer / engineer / mixer / musician Dominique Blanc-Francard, nicknamed DBF. Getting an early start in the business in 1970 in the legendary Chateau de Herouville studios, recording the likes of Pink Floyd, Elton John, David Bowie, Cat Stevens and T.Rex, he quickly established himself as a succesful freelance engineer, and went on to work on much of the most classic and iconic music of the past 5 decades. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Dominique on several projects in his state of the art Labomatic Studios, and each time has been a precious learning experience. I’m currently thoroughly enjoying reading his memoirs “It’s a Teenager Dream”, and I would recommend it to anyone. I hope it will be translated into English someday, the content here is definitely of interest to many people way beyond the French language sphere. You can get it here.


Posted on 25/06/2017

My old friend Jens, the great Danish drummer who is to blame for the fact that I’ve been in France close to 20 years now, has developed a great app for drummers. It’s a creative, fun, music-minus-one metronome that you can personalise to your liking in a variety of styles. Very good stuff, check it out here!

Imany: Lately

Posted on 23/05/2017

Beautiful video for this song from Imany’s latest record, shot in the old Palais de Justice in Dakar. I was quite involved in the playing and arranging on this one, so it was wonderful to discover these beautiful images accompany the song. The dancer Lil Buck is beyond talented, and I’m very proud of Imany, Malick N’Diaye and the Think Zik label, they’ve come a long way and are living proof that hard work and strong values pay off.