Acoustic Love Sessions

Posted on 22/07/2022

A few years ago I was asked by my old friend Malick N’Diaye from the Think Zik! label to produce a record based on a concept he had had in mind for years – recording super minimalistic, dogmatically acoustic version of some great love songs in English. Sounded like fun to me! We made a wish list of our favourite voices in France and some of the new signings to the label and we were so happy when practically everyone were up for it! Hugh Coltman, Rover, Emilie Gassin, Tété, Ben L’Oncle Soul, Faada Freddy, Imany, China Moses, Ginne Marker, Yaya Minté, Saandia, Paper Plane, Axelle Rousseau and Anwar. It’s quite a line up!

The acoustic, no click and many times no headphone setting needed some brilliant musicians: Amen Viana, Anissa Altmayer, Arnaud Ciapolino, Aske Jacoby, Bastien Ballaz, Ben Violet, Christophe Lardeau, Cristophe Minck, Emilien Véret, Gunnar Ellwanger, Marcello Giuliani, Thomas Coeuriot and Thomas Naïm. The sessions were spread out over a few years (with a few worldwide complications in the middle). Corentin Anis and David Mestre recorded, Jordan Kouby recorded and mixed, and Stuart Hawkes mastered. Check out the results and let us know what you think!

Ginne Marker in Paris

Posted on 23/02/2022

Ginne Marker, the amazingly talented singer/songwriter from Aalborg, Denmark came through town and we did some acoustic sessions with her and my musical hero Aske Jacoby. Check them out! We are working on distribution and booking for Ginne in France, hopefully there will be much more news soon.

Fall 2021

Posted on 08/10/2021

Hello everyone! Fall update, 2021 edition. This year has been crazy busy. Several tours simultaneously while producing records and doing sessions… lots of traveling and working in hotel rooms!

Between the shows and the busy recording schedule it feels like we’re back to normal after all the sanitary madness, but I realise that I’m very lucky and that my experience this year doesn’t reflect the state of things for most people, especially in the entertainment industry. Most places we play, and most crowds we play to are having their first live music experience in 19 months. Unbelievable that it took so long…

Anyway, I’m grateful for all that’s going on, and hopefully the entire industry will be back in full gear soon. Here’s an overview of some of the projects that I’m currently involved with and some that will be released in the coming months:

Back in 2019 I had a perfect plan for 2020: spend most of the year touring with Christophe Maé for “La Vie d’Artiste”, the album that we had just finished, and in the late fall of that year switch to the tour with Benjamin Biolay for the “Grand Prix” record we were in the middle of making. The overlap was small, a matter of three-four shows, and Christophe was fine with this scenario.

Needless to say, 2020 didn’t go as planned for anyone… with all the postponed gigs of both tours, the hypothetical planning went through several phases – sometimes the new dates for the tours clashed, sometimes it was a perfect fit between the two projects. After many rounds of cancelling or postponing gigs with date conflicts coming and going, I stopped worrying about it too much.

In the end we started touring both projects this summer, and the festivals magically fit together perfectly, so I was zig-zagging all over France for July and August. This fall is a little more complex, there are a lot of overlaps… fortunately the talented David Aubaile is a perfect sub for the gigs with Christophe. Benjamin’s set is too complex and unorthodox technically and musically for me to send a replacements, and we are only four musicians on stage so changing one of us makes a huge difference. I hate to miss out on the gigs with Christophe, it’s such a cool tour with a wildly talented group of people. Fortunately they are doing great without me! I’m doing all the gigs I can with them, including Bercy in Paris next week. Here are some videos from both tours:

We have made a brand new record with Benabar, that I had the privilege of producing, like the previous one that was released in January. The new record is to be released on November 19th. Two completely separate records in a single year, really proud of the result and the fact that we pulled of this crazy challenge! I’ll get into this more in a post later on, but check out the first single released today, “On lâche pas l’affaire”.

Benjamin Biolay has written and produced a great, new record for Nolwenn Leroy, who I’ve played with many times in the past, and he invited my to come along to play keyboards on it. The first single is getting a lot of airplay, the album is out on November 12th.

My friend Gaetan Roussel asked me to play and do some arrangements on three bonus tracks of the new edition of his record “Est-ce que tu sais ?”, set for release on October 29th. One of them is the new single, “Une seconde [ou la vie entière]”. I love working with Gaetan, I’m always learning something new and he is a brillant artist and person.

Aske Jacoby, the extraordinary Danish guitarist/producer, who I grew up listening to and was a major inspiration in my musical development, has become a dear friend, and also a successful record label owner in Denmark! His first signing, the super talented female singer/guitarist Ginne Marker, had significant success with her debut album in 2019. Her new record is out on October 15th and I got to play/arrange on several of the songs, including this beautiful ballad “Omen”. I’ll be joining her for her concert in Copenhagen on November 27th!

I have almost finished production on a new record for Oldelaf, the singer/songwriter who writes clever, often comedic songs and who had great success a while back with the song “La Tristitude”. However, he released his previous album “L’Aventure” just before COVID hit, and never got to tour with it. So before turning the page and releasing the new record, we made some bonus track for a new edition of “L’Aventure”, including this song, “Demi-dieux”. Oldelaf is really talented, and has deep musical knowledge, it’s fun and inspiring to work with him. More to come on this next year!

The label PIAS has a series of records called PARCE QUE -LA COLLECTION where they invite a singer with a rich back catalogue and a pianist to do minimalist versions of their songs. The legendary Dominique Blanc-Francard invited me to play on the record he was producing for this series with Nicoletta, the brilliant singer from the ’60s and ’70s whos songs were covered amongst others by Ray Charles. I never pass up on a chance to work with artists from this generation, it’s so much fun to hear their stories from back then and a way to connect with the past while they are still around.

My beautiful, talented friends in Belgium, guitarist Tom Vanstiphout and engineer Jo Francken, invited me to play on some tracks for Milow, who you might know for his cover of “Ayo Technology” (just passed the 100.000.000 stream mark on Spotify!). They have worked with him since the beginning. Really nice, gifted, focused guy, we had some fun, productive times in the studio for his upcoming record. First single is “Delorean”.

Les Autres Danois

Posted on 02/03/2021

I had an interesting discussion recently with my fellow Danish expatriates in Paris Thomas Landbo and Pernille Bergendorff about what made us leave and what makes us stay. They have made a podcast out of these interviews, it’s great work on their part, and for obvious reasons a subject matter close to my heart. Have a listen here: Le Bicolore

Victoires de la Musique 2021

Posted on 16/02/2021

Benjamin Biolay won two awards Friday night, one for male artist of the year, and one for album of the year. For all of us that worked hard on the album “Grand Prix”, it was great to receive this recognition from the rest of the business. People enjoyed our version at the ceremony of the single “Comment Est Ta Peine”, which I believe is the biggest song in terms of airplay in Benjamin’s solo career this far…

For the back story of this performance, I have to mention my gratitude for the fact that Benjamin, the booking agency Decibels and his management decided to go through with preparing the tour in October. In the end we only played 2 and a half shows before France went back into confinement, so it might have looked like a bad decision to maintain the costly tour rehearsals for so few shows. But besides the fact that those show were like a shot of oxygen in these suffocating times for Benjamin and the rest of us, it also meant that we had a much more energetic and stage ready version of the song to perform Friday night, which sent Benjamin immediately to the top of the iTunes Charts for album, song and video. Hope you like it! And hopefully we’ll be able to do some more shows with this wonderful band soon!!!


Posted on 08/02/2021

Bruno Benabar’s album “Indocile Heureux” that I produced 10 out of 12 songs on went straight to number one in it’s first week. Completely unexpected for all of us that worked on it! There wasn’t a huge amount of marketing, and I believe it’s the first time it has happened for Bruno in 9 albums. It’s certainly the first time for me as a producer, even in the top 10! Not sure how this came to be… but there is something great about the fact that the wonderful team that A&R Bertrand Lamblot put together only focused on making the songs as good as possible, and making the record as coherent as we could with Bruno’s personality, artistic and otherwise. It’s not easy to grow old in this business, and for a singer born in 1969 to have a #1 record in 2021 is a good thing for everyone!

Benabar 2021

Posted on 16/01/2021

New album out by Benabar on January 29th. I had the honour of producing it, except for two songs that Regis Ceccarelli did a beautiful job on. What a talent Bruno Benabar is, writing, composing and singing at the top of his game. I think he’s one of the only guys in his generation who can carry the mantle from the great tradition of La Chanson Française, so we took the record in that direction, with all the magnificent grandiloquence that entails. We were working with a wonderful team of A&R, lyricists, composers, engineers and musicians – Bertrand Lamblot, Pierre-Yves Lebert, Davide Esposito, Thierry Geoffroy, Julien Chirol, François Delabrière, David Mestre, Thomas Coeuriot, Laurent Vernerey, Raphaël Chassin, Marielle De Rocca Serra, Julia Saar, Himiko Paganotti, Michel Feugère, Frédéric Couderc, François Bonhomme, Lionel Ségui. Love those people, all so talented!

I will post a streaming link once the record is out, until then here is an acoustic session we did at Ferber of the song “Au Nom Du Temps Perdu” from the record. The song is set at a funeral, the protagonist is settling a life-long feud with the deceased. Pretty original subject matter that called for some big emotions in the arrangement. Julien Chirol did a fantastic job arranging the horns on this!

Christophe Maé Unplugged

Posted on 14/12/2020

Christophe’s “Ma Vie d’Artiste – Unplugged” record that I co-produced this summer got released that same day that France went back into lockdown and the first day of a month-long closing of all cultural retail outlets (we’re told that culture is not essential?). Still, we have gotten a lot of good feedback on the record, and we’ll probably do some of all the promotion in January that got cancelled during the lockdown. The concert that was filmed during the making of the album got a great reception when it was released, check it out here:

The version of “L’Automne” from the acoustic live show can be seen here, featuring the great Allen Hoist on sax and vocals. Love that rare white Wurlitzer electric piano at La Fabrique Studios!

One of the songs had a video made by a talented team af animators, “Lampedusa” featuring Lokua Kanza. I worked with the amazingly talented Lokua on his upcoming solo album, looking forward to discovering the final result!

The acoustic studio album is available here, check it out! Great performances from everyone and great sound by Stéphane Prin:

Fall 2020

Posted on 24/09/2020

Fall update time again everyone, hope you’re all safe and happy!

2020 got in the way of our tour with Christophe Maé and the fantastic team of people in his band and crew. Thankfully we got to spend a few weeks together in the unbelievable recording studio “La Fabrique” in Saint Remy en Provence in July.

We made new record there, that Christophe asked me to help produce. It will be released as a bonus album to go along along with the reissue of the one from 2019, “La Vie D’Artiste”. 14 tracks from his back catalogue in new, updated versions featuring the more acoustic / world music / authentic / improvised vibe that he initiated on “La Vie D’Artiste” and that we further explored in the shows. Really great stuff, looking forward to it’s release on October 30th. I’m sure his fans will love it and it might bring some new listeners on board. The original album has already passed platinum sales, and the extraordinary reissue should help bring back some of the momentum we lost with the postponed tour.

Christophe is a highly talented singer and performer, I’m proud to be working with him.

For the reissue, we also recorded a new single, “L’Ours”. It’s a duo with the amazing Youssou N’Dour from Dakar, Senegal:

If you havent seen it yet, check out the show from the Cirque d’Hiver last year (directed by the wonderful François Hanns!):

The Benjamin Biolay record I worked a lot on last year, “Grand Prix”, came out in June and is already gold. Fans, media, critics, the business, everybody just loves this new album. Really happy for Benjamin, it’s wonderful when the stars align that way for artists you’ve been working with for a long time, sometimes through less successful cycles. He’s getting better in every way as time moves on, and the time spent with him is always fun and inspiring, whether it’s in the studio or on the road.

We’re supposed to go on tour with the record, but who knows if the shows will be allowed to take place in these uncertain times. The first single “Comment est ta peine” is a huge success, the biggest radio hit yet in Benjamin’s career.

Big documentary out tomorrow on the shows we did last year with Mylene Farmer. Check it out on Amazon Prime, I know I will!

The live album has gone platinum, and the DVD/Bluray double platinum. With only 9 shows she made the top 10 of highest grossing female artists worldwide in 2019. Supersize my show…

The record I’ve been producing for Benabar is done, but the label is waiting for the right time to release it… some great songs on it, I hope you will all like it!! Bruno is digging deep in the lyrics, really great stuff and he’s singing better than ever. I’ll do another post on this once it gets a release date, until then check out the first single, “Tous Les Divorcés”:

In other news, I’ve been doing some promotional TV shows with Vianney, including a Taratata to be aired on the release date of his third record, October 30th. I got to play piano on a song on the record, really happy to be playing with him again after the shows we did to promote the last record in 2016. Combined sales of the first two went past a million record, so stakes are pretty high. Hope it will all work out for him, he’s super talented, works harder than anyone and is one of the nicest people I know.

I also got to record a bit with Axel Bauer this summer for his upcoming record, some great tracks currently being finished.

And last but not least, in absolutely breaking news, I finally sort of learned the F minor Bach prelude from the Wohltemperiertes Klavier!

Confinement Music

Posted on 18/05/2020

Slowly coming out of confinement… though music is far from being back on track. We were the first to be shut down, and will be the last to be opened back up. Musicians are staying busy as well as we can, and we try to keep on playing our part by bringing positive energy and relief into the world. Some good music has come out of it, and some great encounters!!

Here are the five videos that I’ve been responsible for putting together with the extraordinary singer Xavier Druot. As the videos went on, my arrangement and video editing skills drastically improved – at least the confinement helped my in that regard! On the ones with more people than just Xavier and me, my old friend Mitch Olivier is doing wonders with the mix. Several people in the videos recorded with their phones and still it sounds incredible, Mitch is really a magician. The musicians I called up are friends with extraordinary talent from around the world – Paris, Australia, UK, New York, Brussels, Corsica, Serbia, Madagascar, Denmark, Martinique…

While My Guitar Gently Weeps:

A Whiter Shade of Pale:

Here Comes The Sun:

Les Mots Bleus:

Don’t Dream It’s Over

I also participated in a lot of other videos as a musician. So much fun and so much talent out there!

Århus grooves!

Posted on 06/01/2020

Happy 2020 to everyone!!

If anyone is curious about where I’m coming from, please check out this beautiful documentary by Janus Køster-Rasmussen about my home town and the music education that a few legendary pioneers started there in the 1970s.

I feel strongly about this story, to the point that I spent the time doing the english subtitles myself to be able to share it with people outside of Denmark.

It’s important to me, because it’s a big part of my own story. I would never have become a musician without the people in this film.

I also think it’s important because it carries some important lessons about approaching music in a collective way that makes it better and more fun for everyone.

But most importantly, because it contains some essential truths about the central place music has in human existence and why it’s important to nurture it through education.

Like Astrid Elbek says in the film, it’s a basic ingredient for a meaningful life on a personal level, and for a meaningful society on a larger level.

Fall 2019

Posted on 10/10/2019

Fall is upon us, it’s time for a quick update!

If you’re in Paris on Wednesday October 16th, come around to La Cigale, it’s the MaMa festival, and we’re having a party ( ) with all the artists from the Think Zik! label – Imany, Faada Freddy, Paper Plane, Anwar, Yaya Minté and Ah The Unclear. 4 hours of music, and I have the honor of MD’ing the house band. I’ve also spent a good deal of the year working with the label on an upcoming acoustic, intimate record featuring all these artists, as well as some invited friends, incredible vocal talent, can’t wait for it to come out!

The Mylene Farmer concert movie that was filmed during the shows we did in June at the Paris La Défense Arena will be in 500 cinemas around France for one unique showing on November 7th at 20h. Check out the just released movie teaser/music video:

Also coming soon to cinema screens very soon on October 19th is the concert we did last month the the Cirque d’Hiver with the wildly talented, 13 year old Erza Muqoli and Vianney. Her debut record that I also had the privilege of playing on is out on October 25th.

The record I worked on a lot this spring/summer with Christophe Maé is coming out on October 25th, first single is out and is doing well on the radio. I’ll also be joining Christophe for some live shows, stay tuned!

Out this week is the beautiful movie “J’irai ou tu Iras” by Geraldine Nakkache. Camille did the soundtrack and I got to play piano on it!

In other news, I’m busy working this fall as a producer for Benabar’s next record for Sony with master A&R and beautiful friend Bertrand Lamblot. We have a great repertoire, and half of the record is done already, I think it will be a powerful collection of songs showing how much depth and range Benabar has gained over the years. It should be out in the early Spring if all goes well.

Also coming up with Bertrand and our wonderful studio band The Moonlight Shadows (Raphael Chassin, Laurent Vernerey, Thomas Coeuriot and your truly) is the record we did in the Spring for French legend Renaud, the album is called “Les mômes et les enfants d’abord” and will be out in November. Watch out!

Mylene Farmer 2019

Posted on 22/06/2019

Last show tonight with Mylene Farmer at the Paris La Défense Arena. This has been one intense and fun ride! 15 days of music and dance rehearsal, 12 days of production rehearsal, 130 people crew, 9 shows, 240.000 people in the audience, 16 dancers, 190 tons of equipment hanging from the ceiling, 1800 people to build the stage. The numbers are unbelievable!

I will have many fond memories of this time, but the most powerful thing I take away from the experience is the friendship that has developed within the band. My fellow band members Charlie Paxson, Sébastian Chouard, Joel Shearer, Vincent Bidal and Jonathan Noyce are as talented, professional and experienced as they are warm-hearted, funny, open-minded and completely crazy. Love them all! Enormous gratitude to the one and only Olivier Schulteis for bringing us together and doing such a fantastic job of preparing the arrangements and being the calm, efficient and all around lovely band leader that he always is.

The enormous crew is a collection of the best and nicest talent in France, and it was just remarkable that we made it through the entire run without any tension, conflicts, ego problems or unnecessary shows of authority despite the millions of euros at stake. Everybody worked perfectly together from beginning to end across the board – carpenters, riggers, blockers, catering, production, lighting, backline, music, security, stage management, design, etc etc.

Usually the vibe of a production directly reflects the mentality of the protagonists, and the fact that everything went so smoothly is a great testimony to the humanity and vision of the people that were at the center of the storm – Thierry Suc, Laurent Boutonnat and of course the one person the whole thing revolves around: Mylene Farmer. It’s awe-inspiring what they have built together over all these years, and I’m proud to have been a small part of it this year!

A great thanks and shoutout to Olivier Blanchard and Clavia for their support over the years, and for the Nord Stage 3s they provided for the show. The absolute reliability, the ease of the use necessary to deliver results quickly and most importantly the quality of the sounds are all at the highest level, and I couldn’t imagine doing this kind of show with any other keyboard.










Posted on 07/04/2019

The Alain Chamfort song that I arranged last year won the “Chanson de l’année” award from the UNAC. It’s on the album “Le Désordre des Choses” that I produced with Alain, which was also nominated in the “Album de chansons” category at the Victoires de la Musique 2019, and for a Globe De Cristal. Champagne for everyone!



Posted on 07/04/2019

I had a great time for a month at the Theatre du Rond Point with Alfredo Arias’ play “Madame Pink”. A pink poodle, the legendary Mark Plati composing, playing and band-leading, a wonderful international cast (Naples, Rome, Paris, Sicily, New York), giant teeth-shaped doors, the fantastic Giuseppe Burgarella on piano, off-the-hook costumes, my old friend Maxime Garoute in the band, and of course everything performed in Italian, but taking place in Miami.


Backstage pictures by the talented Zina Drouche.

Leif Falk

Posted on 24/02/2019

When people ask me why there is such a disproportionately large amount of musicians coming from my fairly small Danish hometown Aarhus, I have a simple answer: “Leif Falk”. He was the one who revolutionized music teaching in the ‘60s as a young man passionate about New Orleans, Cuba, jazz and all sorts of rhythmic music, he created the institutions, opportunities and frameworks and he installed a feeling of joy, sharing, love of music, interaction, confidence and credibility in several generations of kids from Aarhus, many of whom ended up doing music for a living. Anybody had the right to play music in his world. I didn’t have much direct contact with him, but have felt the ripples of his revolutionary work and Herculean, 50-year long effort in so many ways. He went over to the other side this week along with his loving partner in all of these endeavors, Ivalo. They will be missed! They changed so many lives for the better, including mine!



Posted on 19/11/2018

This spring, Tété asked me to produce his next record with him. After having worked with him on his two previous records as a session musician, it was great to be more involved this time around. I’m first and foremost a great fan of Tété – he’s an incredible singer and writer, and he’s one of the few who has cracked the code of making the French language swing.

The record will be out in February and is called “Fauthentique”. The lyrics evolve around the concept of authenticity or the lack thereof in our age of fake news and digital manipulation of just about anything. The first single is “King Simili”, check it out!


Posted on 19/11/2018

Happy and proud to be joining Benjamin Biolay and Melvil Poupaud for their SONGBOOK tour. We already played a few shows this summer, and the concert is a great journey into the deeper ends of Biolay’s repertoire, as well as songs that have influenced both these handsome gentlemen. It’s an intense acoustic run until the spring, you can check out the dates here.

It’s great to be playing with Benjamin Biolay again. Time has flown since I toured with him in 2007, and he’s become a bonafide star in France in the meantime. His stage presence and musicality were already very strong back then, but he’s even more charismatic these days – playing, singing, writing and performing better than ever.

I didn’t know Melvil before this tour, but he’s as charming, educated, talented and dedicated as you would expect from someone with as rich and consistently good a career.

We did some studio preproduction to prepare the tour, which Benjamin elegantly turned into a limited edition album that was recently released! No CDs for this one, only vinyl or streaming, click here: SONGBOOK

Hope to see you on the road!


Posted on 08/11/2018

New series of videos for the song “En Attendant” from Alain Chamfort’s album “Le Désordre des Choses” that I produced with him. The song title means “While Waiting”, and the videos illustrate Alain and other people waiting, in the style of Andy Warhol’s screen tests, or Gérard Courant’s Cinématon.

Christoph Niemann

Posted on 06/11/2018

“Your general notion is that doing something nice makes you more confident. With ideas I often find that it’s the opposite. With every good idea you have, it actually becomes more difficult, because it’s so hard to repeat. Of course you can’t repeat… this is where the pain comes in, when I talk about not being good enough, being afraid that you’re out of ideas. You mesure yourself against a lucky moment. And this is really, really painful. You had this one spark three years ago, and then a client asks you to do it again. And you think: “How can I… I won the lottery then. How can you ask me to win the lottery? Under pressure? With a gun to my head?” And this is something, before I consciously thought about it, I just realised: “I’m miserable”. But when I realised that my fears threatened to take a toll on my work, I decided I had to deal with them. “Relax, don’t be so hard on yourself. I actually totally disagree. You have to practice and become better.” Every athlete, every musician practices every day. Why should it be different for artists?”

From Morgan Neville’s Netflix documentary. Highly recommended!