New album out by Benabar on January 29th. I had the honour of producing it, except for two songs that Regis Ceccarelli did a beautiful job on. What a talent Bruno Benabar is, writing, composing and singing at the top of his game. I think he’s one of the only guys in his generation who can carry the mantle from the great tradition of La Chanson Française, so we took the record in that direction, with all the magnificent grandiloquence that entails. We were working with a wonderful team of A&R, lyricists, composers, engineers and musicians – Bertrand Lamblot, Pierre-Yves Lebert, Davide Esposito, Thierry Geoffroy, Julien Chirol, François Delabrière, David Mestre, Thomas Coeuriot, Laurent Vernerey, Raphaël Chassin, Marielle De Rocca Serra, Julia Saar, Himiko Paganotti, Michel Feugère, Frédéric Couderc, François Bonhomme, Lionel Ségui. Love those people, all so talented!

I will post a streaming link once the record is out, until then here is an acoustic session we did at Ferber of the song “Au Nom Du Temps Perdu” from the record. The song is set at a funeral, the protagonist is settling a life-long feud with the deceased. Pretty original subject matter that called for some big emotions in the arrangement. Julien Chirol did a fantastic job arranging the horns on this!