I was in the studio this week recording for Tété. I think he’s one of the most talented artists of his generation, and I have enjoyed his music for many years now, so I was more than thrilled when the opportunity came along to participate in the recording of his new album. My old friend Julien Delfaud is co-producing with Tété, as well as recording and mixing the record. It was some very creative and rewarding days in the studio, and I think we came up with some cool parts. In any case, the record is looking to be very strong: fantastic songwriting, great playing, and Tété’s vocals are better than ever. This is Tété’s first record working with Julien, and the combination is working frightfully well.
The album should be released early next year on Cinq-7/Wagram. Tété’s Facebook is here, and he is constantly updating it with new content, so it should be a space to watch over the coming months, as the album release approaches.