And now for something slightly off-topic. My sister, Lea Thau, produces a great radio show in Los Angeles: “Strangers”. She’s working in collaboration with KCRW, which by the way is a fantastic station for music. “Strangers” is a story-telling show with true stories from everyday people. Each person tells a story per show, and they can be as funny, crazy and unexpected as they can be intimate, sad or uplifting. I really recommend you check this out, she has done 19 episodes since she started earlier this year, and you can listen to the podcasts on iTunes.

Here’s a recent story from Lyena Strelkoff, “Falling Slowly”.

And another one, “Cop Lover”, from Carl Kozlowski:

Lea is starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund season two, and could use your support. In any case, it’s always a great help just to check out the show, share it with friends and maybe give a good rating on iTunes. But if you have the possibility to help financially, it will help her keep the program going and expand it. Here’s a video presenting the show and the Kickstarter campaign. Click here if you want to find out more.