A few years ago I was asked by my old friend Malick N’Diaye from the Think Zik! label to produce a record based on a concept he had had in mind for years – recording super minimalistic, dogmatically acoustic version of some great love songs in English. Sounded like fun to me! We made a wish list of our favourite voices in France and some of the new signings to the label and we were so happy when practically everyone were up for it! Hugh Coltman, Rover, Emilie Gassin, Tété, Ben L’Oncle Soul, Faada Freddy, Imany, China Moses, Ginne Marker, Yaya Minté, Saandia, Paper Plane, Axelle Rousseau and Anwar. It’s quite a line up!

The acoustic, no click and many times no headphone setting needed some brilliant musicians: Amen Viana, Anissa Altmayer, Arnaud Ciapolino, Aske Jacoby, Bastien Ballaz, Ben Violet, Christophe Lardeau, Cristophe Minck, Emilien Véret, Gunnar Ellwanger, Marcello Giuliani, Thomas Coeuriot and Thomas Naïm. The sessions were spread out over a few years (with a few worldwide complications in the middle). Corentin Anis and David Mestre recorded, Jordan Kouby recorded and mixed, and Stuart Hawkes mastered. Check out the results and let us know what you think!