Christophe’s “Ma Vie d’Artiste – Unplugged” record that I co-produced this summer got released that same day that France went back into lockdown and the first day of a month-long closing of all cultural retail outlets (we’re told that culture is not essential?). Still, we have gotten a lot of good feedback on the record, and we’ll probably do some of all the promotion in January that got cancelled during the lockdown. The concert that was filmed during the making of the album got a great reception when it was released, check it out here:

The version of “L’Automne” from the acoustic live show can be seen here, featuring the great Allen Hoist on sax and vocals. Love that rare white Wurlitzer electric piano at La Fabrique Studios!

One of the songs had a video made by a talented team af animators, “Lampedusa” featuring Lokua Kanza. I worked with the amazingly talented Lokua on his upcoming solo album, looking forward to discovering the final result!

The acoustic studio album is available here, check it out! Great performances from everyone and great sound by Stéphane Prin: