Fall update time again everyone, hope you’re all safe and happy!

2020 got in the way of our tour with Christophe Maé and the fantastic team of people in his band and crew. Thankfully we got to spend a few weeks together in the unbelievable recording studio “La Fabrique” in Saint Remy en Provence in July.

We made new record there, that Christophe asked me to help produce. It will be released as a bonus album to go along along with the reissue of the one from 2019, “La Vie D’Artiste”. 14 tracks from his back catalogue in new, updated versions featuring the more acoustic / world music / authentic / improvised vibe that he initiated on “La Vie D’Artiste” and that we further explored in the shows. Really great stuff, looking forward to it’s release on October 30th. I’m sure his fans will love it and it might bring some new listeners on board. The original album has already passed platinum sales, and the extraordinary reissue should help bring back some of the momentum we lost with the postponed tour.

Christophe is a highly talented singer and performer, I’m proud to be working with him.

For the reissue, we also recorded a new single, “L’Ours”. It’s a duo with the amazing Youssou N’Dour from Dakar, Senegal:

If you havent seen it yet, check out the show from the Cirque d’Hiver last year (directed by the wonderful François Hanns!):

The Benjamin Biolay record I worked a lot on last year, “Grand Prix”, came out in June and is already gold. Fans, media, critics, the business, everybody just loves this new album. Really happy for Benjamin, it’s wonderful when the stars align that way for artists you’ve been working with for a long time, sometimes through less successful cycles. He’s getting better in every way as time moves on, and the time spent with him is always fun and inspiring, whether it’s in the studio or on the road.

We’re supposed to go on tour with the record, but who knows if the shows will be allowed to take place in these uncertain times. The first single “Comment est ta peine” is a huge success, the biggest radio hit yet in Benjamin’s career.

Big documentary out tomorrow on the shows we did last year with Mylene Farmer. Check it out on Amazon Prime, I know I will!

The live album has gone platinum, and the DVD/Bluray double platinum. With only 9 shows she made the top 10 of highest grossing female artists worldwide in 2019. Supersize my show…

The record I’ve been producing for Benabar is done, but the label is waiting for the right time to release it… some great songs on it, I hope you will all like it!! Bruno is digging deep in the lyrics, really great stuff and he’s singing better than ever. I’ll do another post on this once it gets a release date, until then check out the first single, “Tous Les Divorcés”:

In other news, I’ve been doing some promotional TV shows with Vianney, including a Taratata to be aired on the release date of his third record, October 30th. I got to play piano on a song on the record, really happy to be playing with him again after the shows we did to promote the last record in 2016. Combined sales of the first two went past a million record, so stakes are pretty high. Hope it will all work out for him, he’s super talented, works harder than anyone and is one of the nicest people I know.

I also got to record a bit with Axel Bauer this summer for his upcoming record, some great tracks currently being finished.

And last but not least, in absolutely breaking news, I finally sort of learned the F minor Bach prelude from the Wohltemperiertes Klavier!