Slowly coming out of confinement… though music is far from being back on track. We were the first to be shut down, and will be the last to be opened back up. Musicians are staying busy as well as we can, and we try to keep on playing our part by bringing positive energy and relief into the world. Some good music has come out of it, and some great encounters!!

Here are the five videos that I’ve been responsible for putting together with the extraordinary singer Xavier Druot. As the videos went on, my arrangement and video editing skills drastically improved – at least the confinement helped my in that regard! On the ones with more people than just Xavier and me, my old friend Mitch Olivier is doing wonders with the mix. Several people in the videos recorded with their phones and still it sounds incredible, Mitch is really a magician. The musicians I called up are friends with extraordinary talent from around the world – Paris, Australia, UK, New York, Brussels, Corsica, Serbia, Madagascar, Denmark, Martinique…

While My Guitar Gently Weeps:

A Whiter Shade of Pale:

Here Comes The Sun:

Les Mots Bleus:

Don’t Dream It’s Over

I also participated in a lot of other videos as a musician. So much fun and so much talent out there!