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Louise Attaque: Anomalie Tour

Posted on 18/03/2016

We are a few weeks into the tour now with Louise Attaque, and the response from the audience has just been overwhelming. The energy is incredibly positive, I’ve rarely experienced such kindness and warmth from the crowd. The guys in the band are generous and fun, and the songs speak to some of the best sides of the human nature, so I suppose there is a logic to the fact that the band draws a positive, open-minded audience. Still, it’s a privilege to be a part of.


Leonard Bernstein: The Harvard Lectures

Posted on 17/03/2016

If you like music in any shape or form, and if you have 15 hours to spare, you should check out this extraordinary series of lectures by Leonard Bernstein from 1970. It is a true tour de force. The level of musical sensibility, historical knowledge, analytical capacity, musical and linguistic virtuosity, wit, passion and most importantly the ease with which he transmits some very complicated concepts in easily understandable and unpretentious terms is truly awe-inspiring. A master at work.

Keren Ann 2016

Posted on 15/03/2016

Most of the time, one of the hardest things in this job is to manage times and calendars – options moving around, cancelled gigs, postponed events, last minute proposals etc. But things have fit well together this month – the available days in the Louise Attaque schedule coincide with a few TV promotional things with Keren Ann for her cool upcoming record, “You’re Gonna Get Love”, produced by Renaud Letang. Here’s the title track from the record from last Friday’s “Ce soir ou jamais” on France 2.