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Bowie’s back

Posted on 20/11/2015

After years of rumors about his health, and the beautiful, but rather predictable “The Next Day” album from 2013, his Highness David is back with a brilliant 10 minute track and video that’s just so original and strange that it’s impossible to predict where it will go, and has you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Yet there’s plenty of melody and rhythm to hold on to during the ride. It’s inspiring that he can still create such effortlessly avantgarde work.

Louise Attaque 2016

Posted on 12/11/2015


Next year, I’ll be continuing my long-running collaboration with Gaetan Roussel as he teams up with his old band mates from Louise Attaque for a reunion tour, following the release of their upcoming album in January. After a ten year break, there’s a lot of demand for the group, and most shows are already sold out. I think it will be a great experience, as they have a lot of great songs in their repertoire already, and a lot of strong material on the new album. Tour dates here.

Tom Vanstiphout in ICP

Posted on 06/11/2015

Photos: Charlie De Keersmaecker

More great times in ICP Studios in Bruxelles. Love that place! This time with some of my new Flemish friends. It was for the solo project of guitarist/singer Tom Vanstiphout, who I met this summer recording with Salvatore Adamo. Brilliant guy, great songs and deep musicianship, I’m really happy he called my up for this. The no less brilliant Jo Francken is recording and co-producing, and I got to meet some great new musicians this time around: Bart Delacourt on bass and Toni Vitacolonna on drums. Tom is on a crazy schedule, with the release show already booked in a month, so contrary to the usual long wait between recording sessions and the finished album, it should be a lot quicker this time.