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Faada Freddy album release

Posted on 22/03/2015

Close to three years since we began work on this project in Dakar in the summer of 2012. But the day has come, the album came out this morning, and has made a solid entry into the French iTunes album top 10. So many talented and beautiful people put work into these recordings. Hats off to Malick N’Diaye and the Think Zik label for having the courage and the patience to make these kinds of projects happen. If you can, don’t hesitate to get your copy on iTunes and support the project, click here. Physical CDs still exist, too, click here.

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Nolwenn Acoustic Tour

Posted on 22/03/2015

I’m replacing my friend Fred Renaudin for a month with Nolwenn Leroy on her acoustic tour. It’s a very minimal setup: Piano/Wurlitzer, François Delfin on acoustic guitars and Kevin Camus on various Celtic instruments. It’s cool to play in this scaled-down setting with these talented people, and the rooms are gorgious, like the Opera of Vichy, where we’re playing tonight.