Just left the gorgeous ICP Studios, after working four days on Calogero‘s upcoming solo record. Alan O’Connell is producing along with Calogero, and I think the guys are on their way to making a massive record for him. We got a good deal of work done, and drums, guitars and bass are also finished. Now it’s in the hands of Alan and Calogero to take the record through the final stretch. It should be released in early September, with a single due sometime before the summer.

ICP is the kind of place where I dreamed of working as a kid. I’ve been there several times over the years, but I’m always blown away. Below are some photos of their synth and snare drum collections. Equally luxurious collections of guitars, amps, effects, microphones are available at no extra cost. I don’t know if the shrinking economy of the music business will allow this kind of place to exist in years to come. I sure hope so. If not, I’m happy to have had the privilege of recording there.