Very cool new discovery, “Notion”, a music notation app for the iPad. I rely on making simple charts for learning new repertoires quite often, and until now I have been using Logic Audio on Mac OS for this purpose. Serious notation software like Sibelius always seemed a little too vast (and expensive) for my needs. Fortunately a lot of talented programmers and developers are putting their time and energy into the iPad and iOS these days, and thousands of great apps are showing up on the App Store, including this intelligent and powerful sheet music editor. It has the kind of flexibility I need for making charts that sometimes only have the chord changes and the structure of the song, and sometimes includes all kinds of arrangements, melodies, random notes about what the rest of the band is doing at a certain point in the song etc. This little piece of software does all that and much more in a much simpler and straight-forward way than what I’ve been used to in Logic Audio, while still offering powerful tools in terms of notation and page layout. Very cool indeed, and a real bargain at 13€99.

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