The “Miami” tour with Damien Saez ended Saturday in Landernau. It’s been an interesting experience to say the least! The rehearsals in February seem like a very long time ago. Over the last 6 months, a lot of unexpected things happened, and a lot of things we expected to happen didn’t… We spent days and days rehearsing songs we never played in concert; and ended up discovering several new songs on stage in front of thousands of people, playing them for the first time right there on the spot. The only thing to expect with an artist like Damien is the unexpected.

With a repertoire with a very large range of styles, and an eclectic band, it wasn’t certain that we’d end up with a homogenous result. But I think that we really started to sound like a band over the months the tour lasted, and there were many memorable shows: the Zeniths in Paris and La Rochelle are high on my list, but there were many, many more. Great audiences everywhere. And an extraordinary crew, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Now I have a few weeks to relax, before rehearsals start with Gaetan Roussel. Every tour is like a movie or a novel, a story in itself, with an interesting cast of characters and a mix of tension, rewards, disappointments, comedy, victories small and large. And then it’s suddenly over, until the next one, which is always different and new. This tour was definitely one of the more intense ones, but I think everyone involved is happy with the way things evolved and where we ended up. See you next time!

photos: Andy Sabkhi