Bad news today. The best live music show on French radio has been cancelled. “Le Pont des Artistes” has been a solid platform for showcasing live music every Saturday evening for more than 25 years. The journalistic standard was immensely high, which is honestly a very rare thing in media today. Many artists have found an audience through this show, and it was one of the rare places where you could find a genuine curiosity towards unsigned or unestablished acts. 

To make things worse, this cancellation happens at a moment in time when the creator and host of the show, Isabelle Dhordain, is on leave for cancer treatment. I’ve played the show often, and I’ve also had the chance to play many other radio and TV shows in France over the past 10 years. Sometimes with completely unknown artists, and sometimes with very famous ones. “Le Pont” was one of the rare places where you could be sure to be welcomed the same, whether you came there with a star or with a debutant. The same level of preparation, interest and respect applied to everyone.

I hope Isabelle will get well soon, and that she will host a new show in a near future. We need her to once again raise the average a little.