I just finished a fun week in the studio with the talented Julie Bessa for her upcoming debut album, produced by Julien Delfaud. I brought along a lot of keyboards and equipment, and most of it made its way into the arrangements of Julie’s songs with good results. But in the end it was a 2€89 iPhone app that stole the show. The Yellofier app that I discovered recently, and mentioned in a previous post, turned out to be incredibly efficient for quickly sampling, manipulating and sequencing sounds. You record anything with your iPhone, the app chops up the audio automatically, you make a sequence of the pieces and add a few of the internal effects to them, and you have a cool loop, arpeggio, drum pattern etc. in a matter of minutes. Running the loops through an external analog filter added some additional variation. By the end of the week, the drummer, Rémi Sanna, was also using the app to make loops, that worked beautifully within the songs. I think this app will be a staple of any musician’s iPhone in a matter of months.