Back from Dakar! We worked 10 very long days, and didn’t have a lot of time to get around, so I’m still waiting to really get to know the place. But a lot of great performances were recorded, with a consistently high level of creativity and generosity from everyone involved, and I think Faada Freddy’s album is looking to be exceptionally good. We still have a way to go before it’s done, but the project definitely moved up a notch during these sessions. Here is the team:

Philippe Aglaé
Gisela Razanajatovo
Yves Thiam
Faada Freddy
Sherika Sherard
Bleck Fall, Jordan Kouby & Papa Ka
Michael Désir
Malick N’Diaye

This weekend we started up with Imany again, in Basel, Switzerland, and that was one of the steepest cultural contrasts I’ve ever experienced, with only a few hours in between… The first and the third world are so far apart, it’s hard to really get your head around, though Senegal is actually doing well compared to many other countries on the African continent. But Switzerland is definitely a very different kind of place indeed. Our show was part of the Avo session series, and it was filmed, so it will be broadcast at some point. If it ends up on the web, I’ll be sure to post it. You never know how these things go down, so much depends on the people doing the broadcast sound, the camera movements, the editing etc., and I’ve experienced more than once having good performances getting a mediocre treatment (and vice versa!). But the Avo guys know their stuff, and I think we came away with a good result. Tonight we’re playing in Toulouse, and the rest of the year will be pretty busy with Imany, touring France and doing a few gigs in Poland early next month.