Our Greek tour with Imany is over, and it went very well! Pretty hard schedule, 6 gigs in 7 days with lots of traveling in between the shows, but we made it through alive and even had time to visit a few of the places we came through. All outdoor gigs, fortunately the weather seems to always be perfect down here, and of course the historic scope of this place is something I'll probably never get used to. Thanks to our Greek friends Léonidas Petropoulos and Johannes Milopoulos for bringing us down here. By the way, Léonidas runs the coolest club/concert hall/restaurant in Athens, the gazARTE, if you’re ever in town this is a must-see!

Here are some shots of the venues:

And here is the band:


Guitar: Tao Farah

Guitar: Stéfane Goldman

Cello: Julien Grattard


Cello: Chloé Girodon

Drums: Romain Joutard

Bass & MD: Stéphane Castry