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Posted on 07/08/2012

Check out my graphic design friend David Benmussa’s three-dimensional and creative take on the classic Joy Division cover here. He cut out hundreds of pieces of cardboard for each individual line on the cover, and the result is very original. David also did a nice job creating the visual identity for the magazine “Volume”.


Posted on 06/08/2012


I will be joining Imany on the last leg of her French tour this fall. I had the pleasure of playing on her record, and I’m joining a great team of people, many of them old friends. Her record has already gone Platinum in France, and we’re playing three nights in La Cigale in Paris in September. But before that, we’re starting out with a week in Greece at the end of August, where she is a runaway success, not to mention a few festivals gigs in Reunion Island.

Her FaceBook page is here:

The tour dates:
28/08/12 Patras (Greece) – Castle
30/08/12 Kipotheatro Alkazar (Greece) – Larisa
31/08/12 Crête (Greece) – Technopolis Theater
02/09/12 Athènes (Greece) – Technopolis Theater
03/09/12 Thessalonique (Greece) – Mylos Open Club
08/09/12 St. Gilles (Reunion Island) – Théâtre de St Gilles
09/09/12 Saint Paul (Reunion Island) – Scène de St Paul
21/09/12 Paris – La Cigale
22/09/12 Paris – La Cigale
23/09/12 Paris – La Cigale
25/09/12 Créteil – Maison des Arts
29/09/12 Montpellier – Les Internationales de la guitare
13/11/12 Toulouse – Casino Barrière
17/11/12 Lille – Casino Barrière
22/11/12 Compiègne – Espace Jean Legendre
29/11/12 Cesson Sévigné – Le Carré Sévigné
30/11/12 Montaigu – Théâtre de Talie
04/12/12 Nantes – Stereolux
06/12/12 Annemasse – Chateau Rouge
07/12/12 Draguignan – Théâtres en Dracénie
08/12/12 Marseille – Le Moulin
11/12/12 Lausanne (Switzerland) – Les Docks
12/12/12 Monthey (Switzerland) – Théâtre du Crochetan
13/12/12 Joué les Tours – Espace André Malraux
14/12/12 Villenave d’Ornon – Le Cube
19/12/12 Basel (Switzerland) – Casino de Bâle
20/12/12 Lyon – Bourse du Travail