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Posted on 21/12/2012

My newest instrument, got it yesterday. An Ashbury Autoharp. Great craftsmanship, a real quality instrument. I still have a way to go before I can play this in public, but the texture is highly atmospheric and sparkly, and I think I might end up using it a lot. It has been used in folk/country settings, famously by June Carter Cash, but works well in many other styles, like the New Weird America trend, Dream Pop, all kinds of Psychedelica, Ambient and what ever other strange names critics have come up with to describe music…


Stevie on Soul Train

Posted on 21/12/2012

A nice interview with a young Stevie Wonder, at the beginning of his absolute genius run in the 70’s. “Superstitious” is a total playback, not even the vocal is live, but the audience is completely live and kicking! They most certainly had some moves back then. Second half is a live improvised piano bit, with the audience clapping and singing perfectly. He was and is to this day an artist in a class so rare that you only get to see a few each century…

Last gig with Imany

Posted on 21/12/2012

What a great tour this has been! A talented and fun crew, a generous and gifted singer, a debut album that caught on with people in several territories, great audiences everywhere. I recorded Imany’s first demos in my little studio 4 or 5 years ago, and saw her first showcases in Paris around that time, and it’s just extraordinary the way she has evolved from being a shy and insecure novice into the self-assured, rock-solid performer and singer she is now, growing steadily along with the ever increasing reception of her work… I’ll definitely miss this project and these people, until we hopefully go out again sometime in a few years, in support of her second album. Until then, 2013 is looking to be pretty busy, more on that soon. Last night in Lyon was a lot of fun, in the beautiful old Art-Deco Bourse du Travail.